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UK Suppliers of Wood Briquettes and Wood Pellets

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Premium Wood Briquettes and Wood Pellets Delivered

  GPP Wood Fuel are Kent based suppliers of Premium Wood Briquettes and Wood Pellets. We have sourced the very best briquettes and pellets on the market to provide quality, and value for money to our customers.

  We are passionate about our wood briquettes and wood pellets, as they help our customers reduce heating bills and save money when compared to products such as seasoned logs.

  Our wood briquettes have a moisture content of 6-8%, whereas seasoned logs can reach as high as 30% in moisture readings. This alone means our briquettes will burn around 3 times longer than logs. A uniformed size and weight lets you know exactly what you’re getting with every order. You won’t get builders bags full of logs with varying weights and sizes from us.

  GPP Wood Fuel are the South-East suppliers of the versatile Premium Verdo Wood Pellets. Manufactured with an EN Certificate these can be used in your pellet boiler or as an alternative horse bedding and cat litter. Like our wood briquettes our Verdo Wood Pellets come in varying quantities so as to meet each individual customer’s needs.